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Clip all layers in a geopackage with Python

Hello, Map Fans! Ready for another adventure with Python and QGIS? Today, we're diving into how you can clip all layers in a GeoPackage by the extent of the main map window. We've previously walked you through how to achieve this using QGIS processing tools and GDAL, but this time we're stepping up the game - we're automating this task with Python! Tune in to our latest tutorial video, especially tailored for Python beginners. We'll be guiding you every step of the way, offering a hands-on experience of leveraging Python within QGIS to handle complex, repetitive, or unique tasks. So let's dive in and explore the power of Python scripting together!

It doesn't stop here! Did you know that my colleague Richard and I have been developing a useful QGIS plugin called AGS Tools? This plugin is a powerful asset for site investigation and contaminated land work. As a bonus, we've put together a series of six online seminars on Eventbrite. We'll walk you through the effective use of QGIS for geotechnical workflows, starting from the basics. Intrigued? Why not sign up and join us! Don't forget to share your thoughts and smash that like button if you've enjoyed our video.


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